Automatic Meter Reading Module (AMR) UM-1


  • Multijet principle assures a long service time
  • Low head loss
  • MID Certificated
  • Good sensivity in intial starting
  • Available for optical reading
  • Body internally/externally e/p powder painted
  • Electrostatic painted body made of corrosion resistance brass
  • Special glass with high resistance to pressure and impact
  • Non-return valve
  • 360 rotating lid
  • Suitable for cold water up to 50 C
  • Vacuum mechanism
  • 3 years warranty
  • Almost no maintenance
  • Service and spare parts available for 10 years

Performance Data

Working Frequency 868.03 Mhz
Modulation GFSK
Transmitter output power +10dB
Communication Speed 1.2-250
Communication Type two way (receiever-transmitter)
Effective Distance (outside) 400m
Energy 3V DC lithium battery
Battery Life 10 years
Working Temperature -20/+70 C
Weight 65 Gr
Protection Class IP68
Suitable Baylan AquaMas models TK-2, TK-3, TK-4, TK-5, TK-7,
TK-17, TK-23, TK-2P, TK-4P,


Total Height       H 55 mm
Axis Height       h 26 mm
Lenght               L 76 mm