Handled Liquid

SNL Type pumps are suitable for non-aggressive, non-explosive, clean or slightly contaminated liquids with low viscosity

Technical Data

Suction Flange DN 40 up to 200 mm
Discharge Flange DN 40 up to 200 mm
Suction Flange DN 50__DN 300 mm
Capacity up to 500 m3/h
Head up to 95 m
Speed up to 2900 rpm
Motor Rating up to 55 kW+
Operating Temperature -10 C up to +110 C
Casing Pressure (Pmax) 10 bar (16 bar)
(Pmax : Suction Pressure + Shut off Head)
( * ) Please contact our company for pumps with motor over 55 kW.
( * ) The material of pumps differ according to the type of pumped liquid, operating temperature and pressure, Contact our company for detailed information.

Design Features

  • Close-coupled, volute casing, single stage, inline centrifugal pump with closed impeller.
  • Suction and discharge flanges are conforming to TS 1092-2/PN 16.
  • SNL type pumps are direct coupled with NORM electric motors comply with the VDI standards and IEC frame sizes.
  • Axial thrust is balanced by wear ring/balanced holes system.
  • Direction of rotation is clockwise viewed from driver


  • Direction of rotation is clockwise viewed from driver

Pump Designation

Pump Type SNL
Discharge Nozzle (DN-mm) 100
Nominal Impeller Diameter (mm) -250